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Our forefathers taught us the art of cultivating the most beautiful lilies. Their subtle sophistication is reflected in our masterpiece collection. But that’s not all. Just like the old masters, we at Dutch Lily Masters are continuously in search of refinement and innovation. This is why we are proud to present our youngest generation of lilies. By joining hands with Lilies of Life, we’ve been able to add unique unscented lilies to our collection!

Elegant eyecatchers
Spot on description of these new, unscented varieties in our masterpiece collection. Slight and slender, but a precious treasure.

These colorful creations are a delight to the eye and will put a smile on your face! And the flowers are fragrance free. Ideal for sensitive noses.

Rich history, bright future
No growth without roots. Thanks to years of experience and craftmanship, we are able to renew and grow. Lilies of Life brings a good 90 years worth of knowledge and professional skills to the mix. Together, we are ready for the next step. Making even more people happy with the most exquisite of lilies. And even as we grow, we are still just around the corner!


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