The lily: a true work of art

Rembrandt van Rijn’s Night Watch, Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Johannes Vermeer’s Milkmaid, William of Orange, by Adriaen Thomasz Key: the masters from the past are the inspiration of today. Their excellent creations have become the impressive masterpieces we know now.

That is our idea: to impress the world with masterpieces. Dutch Lily Masters’ lilies are of excellent quality. They are contemporary masterpieces. We won’t settle for less. Because the most valuable moments in life deserve nothing but the best lilies.

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Growing masterpieces

We see lilies as living works of art. From bulb tot bud, which eventually blooms into a magnificent flower. If you look carefully, you will see more. So take a look through the eyes of an old master.

The purity and beauty of a lily lie in the smallest of details. A flower that deserves special attention, just as people do. A bond that we are passionate about in our everyday work.

Like paintings by famous painters, the quality of lilies is found in the details. Composition, color and look lead to a radiant flower which easily lasts two weeks in a vase.

You could call Dutch Lily Masters the “new masters”. The quality of our lilies is at the center of our work, day in, day out. We pay great attention to detail to let the most beautiful lilies bloom.

The masters


Cooperation based on strengths

Dutch lily producers Paauw, Imanse and Dutch Lilies were family businesses, each with a history of its own. This history goes back generations. Grandpa Wim Paauw started his business after the war by setting up a small nursery. He grew tulips in winter and lilies in summer. The second generation joined the company in 1965 and Jan Paauw made it his business to further specialize in lilies.

When the third generation took over in 2000, Wim-Jan Paauw turned the company into a modern nursery covering 8 hectares. At the time, a flower nursery this size was considered huge. Further upscaling in the horticultural sector happened in the years to follow.

Experience our story

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