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Knowledge, professional expertise and innovation make for a unique, premium product

At Dutch Lily Masters, we aim to grow the best, most beautiful and exclusive lily flowers. We know from experience that these characteristics are globally appreciated. Our ample offer means we can deliver all year round to our customers. From Rijnsburg, Lisserbroek and Almere we are able to deliver to various flower auctions and the lilies are super fresh. But that’s not all.

In a fast-changing market, flexibility is key. Wherever possible, we like to think of solutions for our customers. That’s why we keep growing better and ever more beautiful types of lilies. In new colors for example, or with special features. Besides product innovation, we are also constantly looking to improve our business operations. Together with partners in the supply chain, we are developing sustainable, innovative and modern cultivation techniques to create a unique, premium product.


The latest technology and professional expertise combined

Unique container system on wheels

Dutch Lily Masters uses a so-called rolling container system. The crates with lilies are wheeled through the greenhouse, using a fully automated, hyper modern internal transport system. This smart automation makes it possible to further increase production, whilst guaranteeing constant, high quality.

Mindful of people and the environment

In our company, we believe people and the environment are key. We invest substantially in energy-saving measures. Thanks to the use of organic pest control (using biological control agents), we have a well-balanced, biological control system in our greenhouses. Also, we work with a virtually closed-loop production process, which means we have very limited waste products.

The production process is largely automated. Once the bulbs have been planted in crates, no further human intervention is required until harvest time. On average, the production process takes three months.

Growing lilies is a professional craft

Even with all the technology, growing lilies remains a craft, and our quality depends on our people. That is why we provide love, tender care not just to our lilies, but also to our employees. We offer them the chance to grow and flourish in a healthy and sustainable working environment. Their passion for lilies is reflected in our masterpieces.